Web Guidelines


As an employee of South Texas College and web content contributors for your respective area, you accept the Rules and Responsibilities outlined below.

Accounts & Content Contributors

  1. Web Accounts are created and managed by Public Relations & Marketing. Accounts are created on a per needs basis. Please email or call PR & Marketing’s Digital Services Manager.
  2. Content Contributors are individuals that submit content for update/creation on behalf of their department.
  3. Students employees or work-studies may be designated as a liaison, although requires authorization from supervisor.


  1. Sensitive information related to students is prohibited on any publicly accessible servers managed by Public Relations & Marketing. This includes student home addresses, phone numbers, personal emails, grades, Social Security numbers.
  2. No course specific material is allowed on publicly accessible servers managed by Public Relations & Marketing. This includes materials that are generated by faculty to aid in the lessons for a course. If you need to distribute course material, please contact the Distance Education department for assistance in managing your courses via Blackboard. This excludes course syllabi, which are posted on the web as required by Texas HB 2504.
  3. Materials that could be considered offensive, such as nudity or vulgarity, are prohibited on the STC public website.
  4. Using the publicly accessible server for distribution of unlicensed software, music, movies, or images is strictly prohibited and will result in web account termination. For more information, please refer to our DMCA policy.
  5. You accept, as an employee, that any web content created with college resources is owned by South Texas College as stated by Policy 3830.
  6. Copyrighted content that is hosted by STC must be licensed or have the approval of it’s copyright owner.
  7. Adherence to STC branding and style guide.
  8. Documents (Word Office documents, PDFs) must be accessible.


  1. As content contributors, you are responsible for updating information for your area. This includes basic information such as contact information, faculty/staff information, department/program descriptions, and any information that needs to be updated in a timely manner.
  2. You are responsible for reviewing your website regularly and either directly updating the site, or notifying a member of the PR Web Team to perform the update.
  3. You are responsible for notifying PR & Marketing of any web account changes. If a staff member is no longer performing web updates as part of their job duties, you must notify PR of the change.

Student Organizations/Clubs

The office of Public Relations & Marketing does not support student clubs or organizations. Programs that have an associated honor society may have basic info (detailed below) supplied on their program page to connect students.

  • Name of Organization
  • Organization Description
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Link to website or facebook

A list of current student clubs and organizations is maintained with Student Activities and Wellness. 


The South Texas College website homepage is an important jumping-off point for many of our users. It’s intended to funnel new students to enrollment info or program discovery, current students to resources for their success in their college career, and disseminate any critical notifications related to facilities or public safety.


Homepage slider is intended to promote enrollment campaigns, PoPs (Points of Pride), and Individual Programs (2 max). Slide placement and content is determined solely by PR & Marketing.


The STC Homepage has a 300x200 pixel ad-space available to promote events related to recruitment, enrollment, holidays, and campus closures. Ad placement is dependent on having an existing project with PR & Marketing. 


The event calendar is fed into the STC Homepage by way of RSS, and is published every 15 minutes. Currently, we allow select categories to appear on the homepage. 

Program Marketing Pages

These marketing pages are designed to aid users (primarily prospective students) to discover academic opportunities and connect them with enrollment specialists. PMPs are NOT intended to serve as department pages, or distribute internal material related to:

  • Specific course material
  • Marketing course sections
  • Archives of documents, presentations, meeting notes
  • Faculty CV or profiles

Solutions for departmental communications may include DFS drive, Sharepoint, Outlook Groups, General emails. Our Learning Portal (Blackboard) is intended for course material like practice tests, presentations, reviews, schedules, etc.

Faculty/Staff Photos

Photos of Faculty/Staff are not permitted on the listing of personnel. Only Program Chairs may have photos.

Selective or Competitive Entry

Many degree programs have selective or competitive entry applications for students. This information must be conveyed properly on Program Marketing Page.

Marketing/Contextual banner image

Images located at top of each Program Marketing page are used to provide an graphical element that is relevant to the content presented. Images will contain NO text, and may be a single cropped image or composition. 


In order to provide the best experience to ALL our web visitors, we comply with the standards set by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. For more information regarding accessibility or how to create accessible content, please refer to our accessibility guide.

We will NOT upload documents that fail to meet our accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0 AA) and it's the responsibility of the contributor to ensure compliance of any documents they wish to upload.


Our department routinely audits the STC website for accessibility issues and will remove content that fails to meet our standards.


All images that are published to the STC website must have a description associated with it. This allows individuals utilizing assistive technology to better perceive the content.

Brochures and Fliers

Due to the graphic heavy nature of brochures and fliers, we will no longer publish these documents. Critical information should be posted in HTML as part of the web page. Event fliers may be posted to the College’s event calendar since the relevant details are posted alongside the flier.


Individuals with limited visual ability may have difficulty understanding text that uses bright colors or lacks contrast from its background. Documents that use bright colors or fail our contrast tests will not be published.


All forms must be fillable. Forms are a critical component to an organization’s business operations, therefore it’s important to ensure everyone is able to view and complete documents that require data inputs. If your department routinely develops forms, it’s important to obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat DC.

Video Captions

All video content hosted on the public website and social channels must have video captions enabled. This will allow individuals with hearing impairments to better perceive the video.


All PDFs must be machine-readable and tagged properly. Scans of documents will not be published and may be removed during the accessibility auditing process.

SACSCOC Accreditation

Any reference to Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) must be appropriately attributed with the statement below:

Usage of the SACSCOC logo is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized usage will be promptly removed.

External Websites

All departments and other units of South Texas College must use the College domain, SouthTexasCollege.edu, for their websites. The College does not officially support college websites hosted externally.

Programs that are formally joint activities with an outside entity—e.g., another College, state agency, local government—may be permitted to use an alternate address, subject to approval by the Office of Public Relations and Marketing and the Marketing Advisory Committee.  Any affiliated corporation, partnership, or other activity determined by the committee to be sufficiently independent of the College by the nature of its mission may also be permitted to obtain an alternate address. If a situation should arise where a site must be hosted by an outside entity, the committee may approve the acquisition of an alternate address which includes “South Texas College” or "STC" in its domain name. 


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