Dual Credit Programs Marketing Guidelines

About the Dual Credit Program at South Texas College

The Dual Credit Programs at South Texas College collaborate with 21 partnering school districts and 70 high school partners across the Valley, and are supported by more than 200 college faculty and over 300 dual credit faculty across Hidalgo and Starr Counties. The Dual Credit Programs offer four options for high school students to earn college credit hours and/or a college credential. Since inception of Dual Credit Programs, STC has served over 118,000 dual credit students and has awarded over 11,000 certificate and/or associate degrees.

Web, Social Media, and Video Guidelines

Social Media
When referring to South Texas College Dual Credit on social media, high school partners should use the vertical two-line logo version alongside their logo. Logo should be proportional in size and not be squashed, stretched, or otherwise violate our logo use guidelines. Partners should do their best to tag South Texas College's accounts when appropriate.

It's recommended to follow ADA accessibility best practices for social media. These include adding text descriptions for images, provide subtitles on videos with spoken words, and keeping overlay text on graphics to a minimum.

If an STC logo is to be used on video, it should be the standard logo. The only other acceptable color of the logo is white. If the logo is to be superimposed over video, it’s preferable that the logo is white so that it’s visible.

When being used as a logo bug, the logo should not be scaled down so small that it isn’t legible. “South Texas College” should still be legible. When placing the logo bug in the lower or upper thirds of frame for a TV broadcast commercial, it should be placed accordingly to adhere to broadcast title safe guides so that parts of the logo isn’t cut off.

When placing the logo bug at the edge of frame for an internet or social media video, there should be an approximate ¼ of the logo as spacing from the edges.

When using the logo for a full screen graphic, the same broadcast title safe guides and spacing should be used.

For more information contact:

William Collins
Digital Service Manager

Eric Vasquez
Video Production Coordinator

Official Logo Usage and Branding Guidelines

South Texas College (STC) has various academic partners in which co-branded communication is vital. Below are the best practices when using the STC logo on print, ads, billboards, etc…

Acceptable use of the Official South Texas College logo: The following are accepted and approved standards for co-branding with the South Texas College logo. Do not alter in any way.

  • Placement and size of the STC logo should follow best practices.
    • When visually representing more than one institution or partner, the STC logo should be equal to other institution/partner logos.
    • A logo of another organization should not exceed the height of the STC logo.
    • The name of another organization should not dominate the advertisement
  • South Texas College appears centered and below the “rising people”
  • The “rising people” should never appear alone; do not separate “rising people”
  • The text should never appear larger than the “rising people”
  • If the co-brand design is led by another institution, organization, our preferred position is the left side with the full color logo, where possible.
  • Logos of organizations should include “Partners in Education” (see example A)

UN-Acceptable use of the Official South Texas College logo:

  • Do not add any other text to the official STC logo.
  • Do not change official inks
  • Do not use any other elements from STC (ex: Jaguar artwork, text) in place of the official STC logo


STC and ISD logo usage

South Texas College Dual Credit Programs Graduation Stole Guidelines

Download Graduation Stole Approval Form

The South Texas College logo is one of the most vital components of our identity. The image binds the entire institution together and signifies the pride in the tradition and commitment to excellence. When used, the South Texas College logo must provide a memorable impression that brandishes the significance of the College’s core values.

When and if the logo is disturbed in any way, it could potentially create confusion and weaken the institution’s image.

South Texas College’s partnering High Schools/ISD’s are allowed to use the STC logo on the graduation stoles, when approved. To avoid any form of issue, it is important to maintain a consistent appearance and abide by the following guidelines.

Acceptable use of the Official South Texas College logo:

  • Use the Vertical, large pyramid, 2-line logo. This is the official & primary logo. There are 3 ink options; full color, black and white
  • Use the full color on white stoles. Below are sample mock-ups of the inks, not logo placement
  • View the official STC Colors and high-resolution logos at https://admin.southtexascollege.edu/pr/logo/
  • Verify that the STC logo is equal to other institution/partner logos. The logo of another organization should not exceed the height of the STC logo.
  • Email Jennifer Solis, Creative Service Manager at jlsolis@southtexascollege.edu regarding questions about the use of the STC logo or to obtain the high-resolution logo artwork.

stole guidelines

UN-Acceptable use of the Official South Texas College logo:

  • Do not use the logo without the logotype
  • Do not use the logotype without the logo
  • Do not use the lettering “STC”
  • Do not stretch the logo
  • Do not rearrange the logo and logotype
  • Do not switch up logo colors
  • Do not add an outline, border or stroke to the logo
  • Do not add drop shadows
  • Do not add 3D effects on logo; it should be flat and crisp
  • Do not use the logo over any gradients
  • Do not attempt to recreate the logo or logotype
  • Do not put full-color logo on a bright color background
  • Do not put full-color logo on a photo background
  • Do not use Dual Enrollment Academies artwork
  • Do not use STC division artwork
  • Do not use the STC Jaguar artwork
  • Do not use STC graduation artwork (STC seal)

Dual Credit Graduation Day Guidelines

For our Independent School District Partners

  1. Please send one representative per school district to assist students with backstage graduation prep. Each ISD will be given one pass to enter backstage area and the floor only.
  2. Please adhere to the boundaries placed on the floor to avoid disruption of ceremony. No photographers or videographers other than STC faculty will be allowed on stage.
  3. Please keep students in their designated lines and avoid pulling graduates out of ceremony.
  4. Please return pass at the end or before the ceremony.
  5. Please consider using the hashtag #STCGRAD, #PawsUpJags, and/or #ExperienceExcellence when posting photos of graduation day to social media.

For additional questions or assistance please call Joey Gomez STC Public Relations & Marketing 956-872-8358

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