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South Texas College has a great story to tell and you’re part of it! PR and Marketing works with media and community partners to share news and information about the college, its people, and programs. The STC Speakers and Experts Bureau connect the community and media to STC faculty, staff, and administrators who can provide expertise on a variety of subjects.

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The Speakers Bureau is a free community service available to South Texas community groups, neighborhood associations, churches, local chambers, service groups, and others. STC will work with your organization's unique needs to develop a customized conversation and presentation. Guest speakers include STC’s Board of Trustees, executives, faculty, and staff. 

Our speakers are available to share insight into the college's vision, programs, services, and more. 

To schedule a speaker, please contact Amanda Sotelo.

Need an expert?

STC faculty and staff are industry experts available as a resource for media and community groups to provide insight on current events. Topics include: 

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Browse the college's academic offerings to learn more about STC's areas of expertise or contact PR and Marketing.

For Faculty and Staff

Tips for Media Interviews

  • Be brief and concise
  • Establish and maintain eye contact
  • Smile
  • Solid, darker colors look best on camera. Avoid solid black/white and busy pattern 
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