Posting of Fliers/Posters/Banners

  1. No wall banners, retractable banners or signs are allowed to be placed inside or outside campus buildings.
  2. Banners, fliers, posters and other printed materials cannot be placed on walls (outside and inside), doors (outside and inside), restroom doors, machinery, equipment, and posts.
  3. No item may be hung, taped, glued or nailed on the interior walls, windows, or doors. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. Any advertisement and/or fliers shall be approved before the event and only placed in approved locations (bulletin boards). These items shall not be placed on doors, windows, equipment, etc.
  5. Once an event flier is posted on an open bulletin board, you are responsible for removing it within 48 hours following the event.

Any improperly posted materials will be removed.

Violations of these guidelines will result in the suspension of future posting privileges and/or any other disciplinary consequences.

For questions regarding posting banners, flyers, posters, or other printed materials contact the Facilities Department or Campus Administrator.

  • Pecan Campus - Facilities Operations and Maintenance 956-872-2556
  • Mid Valley Campus - Campus Administrator 956-447-6631
  • Starr County Campus - Campus Administrator 956-488-5880
  • Technology Campus - Campus Administrator 956-872-6102
  • Nursing & Allied Health - Campus Administrator 956-872-3116
  • STC Regional Center for Public Safety Excellence - 956-872-2626
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