Chapter 3: Instruction and Student Services (3010-3813)

Policy Title
3010 Academic Integrity
3110 Access to Instructional Services
3120 Field and International Studies Courses
3216 Discrimination Against Pregnant and Parenting Students Prohibited
3230 Dual Credit Programs with Partnering School Districts
3232 Dual Credit Student Eligibility Requirements
3240 Off-Setting Drops and Adds
3301 Definition of Semester Credit Hours
3312 Student Appeal of Final Course Grades
3313 Student Grievance or Complaint
3323 Academic Integrity and Dishonesty
3330 Withdrawal from Semester Credit Courses
3331 Students Called to Active Military Duty
3335 Student Attendance
3336 Requirements for Students Registering for a Course More than Once
3337 Program Standards for Student Participation in Nursing and Allied Health Clinical Programs
3620 College Sanctioned Travel for Students
3630 Student Organizations
3631 Student Activities
3633 Intramural and Recreational Sports Program
3650 Student Rights and Responsibilities, Conduct and Discipline
3800 Full Time Regular Faculty (On Board Approved Staffing Plan) Assignments and Workloads As Conditions of Employment
3803 Conditions of Employment of Full Time Faculty Teaching During Summer Terms
3804 Career Program and Academic Department Chair Compensation and Responsibility
3809 Maximum Teaching Load for Adjunct Faculty
3810 Workload of Employees Retired Under Teachers Retirement System
3813 Academic Classification for Faculty
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