Chapter 5: Fiscal (5100-5940)

Policy Title
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5100 Custodian of Funds and Authorization of Disbursements
5110 Comptroller Function: Collection, Deposit, and Disbursement of College and Grant Funds
5120 Investment Policy
5125 Establishment and Management of Endowment Funds
5130 Fixed Assets
5135 Disposal of Surplus Property
5200 Purchasing Authority
5210 Purchasing
5211 Vendor Information File
5212 Relationship Between Vendors and Employees
5213 Voluntary Participation in the State of Texas Purchasing Program
5214 Disclosure of Business Relationships with Vendors
5220 Contractors: Consultant Services, Professional Services and Honoraria
5223 Third Party Contracts and Scholarships
5225 Authorization for the President to Award Contracts After Informal Bidding for Expenditures of Up to $10,000 and Purchasing Procedures for Personal Property and Public Works
5226 Contracts
5280 Optional Retirement and Tax-Sheltered Annuities Programs
5310 Annual Operating Budget
5320 Preparation and Processing of Budget Changes
5330 Budget and Financial Reporting
5350 Unrestricted Fund Balance
5410 Accounting
5420 State Appropriations
5425 Ad Valorem Taxes
5430 General Obligation Bonds
5431 Revenue Bonds
5450 External Audits
5460 Internal Audit Function
5470 Identity Theft Program
5500 Texas Public Education Grants
5510 Grants
5520 Emergency Loan Fund
5521 Collection of Emergency Loans
5530 Payment and Collection of Tuition and Fees
5535 Payment of Tuition and Fees by Installments
5536 Refund of Tuition and Fees
5537 Collection of Delinquent Accounts
5538 Withdrawal of Students with Delinquent Accounts
5540 Returned and Stop Payment Checks
5550 Tuition Limit in Case of Concurrent Enrollment at More Than One Higher Education Institution
5555 Schedule Changes
5560 Student Financial Accounting Operating Standards
5600 Authorization to Sign Checks
5610 Release of Disbursements
5620 Operation of Designated Fund Activities
5630 Establishment and Control of Petty Cash Funds
5700 Official Travel of Employees
5910 Acceptance of Gifts and Bequests
5915 Conflict of Interest - Acceptance of Gift, Grant, Donation, or Other Consideration for Employee Salary Supplement
5920 Political Advertising
5930 Long Distance Telephone System