Chapter 6: Facilities (6100-6900)

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6100 Display of Flags
6105 Naming of College Facilities
6110 Use of College Facilities
6111 Photography and Videotaping on Campus
6120 Physical Facilities Planning and Educational Specifications
6130 Arrangement for Providing Education Services and Facilities
6140 Room Utilization System
6210 Physical Plant Services
6215 Custodial and Maintenance Program
6220 Emergency Closing of the College
6225 Safety
6226 Energy
6310 Campus Security Contracted or Employed by the College
6311 Authority of Non-Commissioned Security Guards
6312 College Employed and Commissioned Peace Officers
6313 Vehicle and Body Cameras
6320 Prohibition of Drugs and Alcohol on Campus
6322 Smoke/Tobacco/E-Cigarette Free Environment
6326 Concealed Carry And Weapons on Campus
6330 Use of College Property/Removal of College Property From College Premises
6410 Campus Parking and Traffic Controls
6420 Transportation Management
6421 Bicycles, Skateboards, In-Line Skates, Roller Skates, Motorized Scooters, Hoverboards, and Similar Apparatuses
6422 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
6425 Use of College-Owned Vehicles
6426 Authorization to Drive College-Owned Vehicles
6427 Maintenance of Vehicles
6810 Food Service
6820 Eating Area Designations
6900 Master Planning