Chapter 4: Personnel (4000-4923)

Policy Title
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4000 Code of Ethics Policy Statement
4001 Code of Professional Ethics for the Administration, Faculty and Staff
4100 College Staffing Plan
4110 Filling of Vacancies
4111 Volunteers for Continuing Professional and Workforce Education
4112 Self-Reporting of Criminal Conduct
4113 Employment of Applicants in Security Sensitive Positions
4114 Authorization to Conduct Background Check
4115 Personnel Appointments
4118 Provision of Letter of Appointment: Faculty, Administrative, or Executive Employee
4120 Orientation of Employees
4151 Academic and Professional Credentials of Faculty
4152 Documentation of Official Transcripts for All Employees
4153 Assistance to Faculty Whose Primary Language is Not English
4154 Documentation of Education for Placement of Classified Staff on the Salary Schedule
4160 Non-Faculty Performance Appraisal
4204 Reporting and Investigating Suspected or Known Fraud, Abuse and Other Improprieties
4205 Equal Education and Employment Opportunities
4206 Discrimination in Employment Prohibited
4209 "The Whistle Blower Act"
4210 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
4212 Employment and Supervisory Relationship of Relatives
4213 Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace and Campus
4214 Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention
4215 Child Abuse and Neglect
4216 Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking and Retaliation Prohibited
4230 Educational Activities Leave
4300 Eligibility for Employee Benefits
4305 Employee Leave, Spring Break, Semester Break and Holidays
4306 Vacation Leave Accrual
4308 Sick Leave
4309 Sick Leave Deduction for Faculty
4310 Sick Leave Pool
4311 Personal Leave
4312 Funeral Leave
4313 Family and Medical Leave
4314 Jury and Witness Duty
4316 Leave Without Pay
4317 Military Leave
4318 Accommodations for Religious Observance
4319 Professional Leave
4321 Rights of Nursing Mothers to Express Breast Milk in the Workplace
4322 Donation of Sick Leave
4330 Professional Development Plan for Eligible Regular Full-Time Faculty and Staff
4334 Tuition and Fee Waiver for Eligible Family Members of Regular Faculty and Staff
4340 Employee Medical Insurance
4341 TexaSaver 457
4342 Special Pay Plan under §§ 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code
4344 Workers' Compensation
4351 Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)
4352 "Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act" (COBRA)
4400 Employees With or Who Have Been Exposed to Communicable Diseases
4401 HIV/AIDS Workplace Guidelines
4405 Hazard Communication Program
4411 Faculty Readiness for Instructional Continuity
4510 Hours of Work
4511 Unauthorized Absence
4520 Compensation for Overtime
4530 Cellular Telephone Stipends
4700 Maintenance of Personnel Records
4701 Confidentiality of Personnel Payroll Information
4702 Personal Status Change
4710 Public Statements Regarding Personnel Matters
4711 Confidentiality of Records and Business Matters
4712 Information Resources Security Electronic Communications
4714 Acceptable Use of Information Resources
4800 Outside Employment
4810 Solicitation of Employees
4820 Employment of Non-Exempt Employees As Adjunct Faculty
4901 Standards of Conduct
4904 Employee Complaint Procedure
4911 Disciplinary Action Procedures
4912 Termination or Reduction of Personnel Due to Financial Exigency or Program Change
4922 Separation of Employment and Re-Employment
4923 Campus Clearance
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