Chapter 1: Board Governance Policies (900-1900)

Policy Title
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900 Comprehensive Mission Incorporating Institutional Vision, Mission, and Core Values
1000 Preamble & Definitions
1001 Authority & Functions of the Board, Committees and Individual Trustees
1010 Authority & Functions of the College President
1011 Relationship Between Board and President
1020 Goals for Trustees
1100 Board Officers
1110 Board Committees
1200 Qualifications for Service as Trustee
1210 Resignation of Trustee
1220 Vacancy on the Board of Trustees
1230 Removal of Board Member from Office
1300 Single-Member Districts
1400 Elections
1410 Oath of Office
1510 Code of Ethics for Board Members
1511 Trustee Duty to Disclose Substantial Interests in A Business Entity or in Real Estate; Disclosure Requirements and Abstention
1520 Orientation and Training
1530 Compensation and Expenses
1610 Types of Meetings
1620 Meeting Procedures
1625 Notice of Meeting: Contents of Notice
1630 Texas Open Meetings Act
1640 Agenda
1645 Consent Agenda
1650 Quorum
1660 Minutes
1670 Executive Session
1671 Executive Session Certified Agenda
1700 Board Policies
1800 Position on Legislative Matters
1900 Delineation of Information to be Included on Building Plaques for New and Renovated Buildings