Making a Difference in Student Success and Retention (MADISSAR) Institutional Grant


Institutional Funds are set aside to support Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 3, Progress and 4, Completion. This institutional grant program is designed to supplement new or to enhance existing programs or department services and activities.

KPI 3: Progress

Provides information about Persistence, First College-Level Course Completion, Credits Earned, and Successful Course Completion.

KPI 4: Completion

Provides information about Graduation Rates and Degrees & Certificates Awarded.

MADISSAR Application Timeline - FY2021

  • Grant Award Notification Period: June 6-9, 2021
  • MADISSAR 2022 Submission Date: To Be Determined

Submit all documents to or drop off to the Grant Development, Management and Compliance (GDMC) department at PCN X-113.

Current MADISSAR FY2020 Award Recipients

Early College Supplemental Instruction Program in the amount of $20,466

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The Early College Supplemental Instruction Program identifies high-performing dual credit high school seniors who are trained and then serve as Supplemental Instructors (SIs).  As SIs, these students offer peer tutoring and support to fellow underclassmen dual credit students. This program is being implemented at the following campuses:

  • Rio Grande City High School
  • La Grulla High School
  • Mission Collegiate High School

MADISSAR Grant Program funding will support the administration of this program, including data collection and analysis that will help determine the impact of the supplemental instruction services on Progress and Completion measures.

Continuing Professional and Workforce Education Student Success Assistant in the amount of $14,534

Award Recipients

The Student Success Assistant project funds a part-time CPWE Student Success Assistant position to provide counseling and case management services to non-credit students enrolled in Continuing Education (a) Career Training Programs and (b) High School Equivalency Programs.  These services are expected to increase program completion and job placement rates.  MADISSAR Grant Program funds of $14,534 have been awarded to support the funding for this position.

For the past five years, Perkins grant funding has been used for similar support services for students co-enrolled in High School Equivalency Programs and credit-bearing courses.  Perkins funding is limited to supporting students in credit-bearing courses, so similar services for students only taking non-credit CE Programs have not been funded, and have not been provided to these students.

The CPWE Student Success Assistant will provide the following services:

  • Monitor attendance and provide assistance as needed;
  • Monitor grades and coordinate tutoring or access to other community resources;
  • Monitor competing life issues and participant attitude and provide mentoring;
  • Offer continued motivation to keep students engaged through completion;
  • Provide job placement assistance upon program completion.

Upon completion of the funding cycle, the CPWE Department will analyze the impact of the position on an anticipated 2,000 non-credit CE students.  Should the program prove as successful as anticipated, the department plans to fund the part-time position through tuition-generated revenue, and would consider upgrading it to full-time status to scale the service to additional students.

Making a Difference in Student Success and Retention (MADISSAR) FY2019 Award Recipients

Student Ambassadors Program, College Connections Department, $18,700

This project provides the community with student leaders, who participate in an official capacity at special events throughout the year. The program brings together students from various academic disciplines to impact student success and retention by enriching and enhancing leadership and communication skills, personal growth, and professional development for its students. The program allows students to create long lasting ties with South Texas College and Higher Education. With the desire to connect the past, present and the future, Student Ambassadors promote South Texas College as a valuable educational option to current, prospective, returning and transfer students, parents, and community members.

fy19 student ambassadors award

Early College Supplemental Instruction, History Department, $16,300

This project is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions at The Rio Grande City CISD Dual Enrollment classes. Underclassmen who performed well in their STC Dual Enrollment courses of US History, English, and/or Mathematics will then serve as Supplemental Instructors (SI Leaders) as high school seniors.

Supplemental Instruction sessions are held twice a week lead by the SI Leaders. Students engage in activities and review sessions that helps them prepare for upcoming exams and assignments. These sessions provide assistance to the students along with a variety of study techniques to ensure their academic success at the end of the semester.

fy19 early college award

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