Post-Award Steps


Step 1:

  • Review NOGA (Notice of Grant Award)
  • Facilitate grant award negotiations

Step 2:

  • Conduct Grant Initiation Meeting
  • Confirm account set-up and access

Step 3:

  • Review contracts prepared by Principal Investigator and Purchasing for external agency
  • Review Statement of Work completed by Principal Investigator and subcontractor
  • Review and route grant related MOUs and subcontracts for approval

Step 4:

  • Conduct Compliance Reviews
  • Review program and fiscal reports, as needed
  • Provide guidance to department related to grant management and compliance
  • Act as the single Point of Contact for grant revisions.

Step 5:

  • Review reports and assist in closing grant contract
  • Participate in the preparation and assessment of records for grant related audits, desk reviews, and site visits, as needed
  • Review grant related audits, desk reviews, and site visit packages prior to final submission to grantors, as needed

Contact Grant Development, Management and Compliance Department at 956-872-6765 for more information regarding grant compliance support.


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