Official Colors and Logos

The official South Texas College logo, the only approved visual image that symbolizes the College as one consolidated institution, is the graphic shown here. Elements of the logo must not be re-arranged or used in any order except what is shown here. Acceptable color arrangements are provided below.

Elements of the logo cannot be dissected from the overall design, stretched or scaled out of proportion. Any attempt to re-create the art, type, or spacing and styling of the logo by desktop publishing or word processing will result in inconsistencies that will compromise the integrity of the logo.

Logo Guidelines

The Office of Public Relations and Marketing must approve any project that will incorporate the South Texas College logo in its production before production begins.

A Public Relations staff member must sign off on the project's requisition before it is submitted to the Purchasing Department. If the requisition does not have the proper signatures, Purchasing will reject the requisition and send it back to the originating department.

Signing of the requisition only constitutes the Office of Public Relations and Marketing's consent to the requisition process. The department must still give its final approval of the finished artwork if it is not submitted with the project's requisition.

The South Texas College logo is not for use by student organizations. Please select from the approved Jaguar Artwork options.

Logo Articles

Identifying articles with the South Texas College name or logo can be an effective marketing tool for our institution.

When approaching the opportunity to affix the college name or logo to products such as pens, mugs, shirts, supplies, t-shirts, etc., it is necessary to obtain approval through the Office of Public Relations and Marketing.

Official Colors

THE SECONDARY PALETTE includes four bright colors, which help communicate the uplifting nature of the college and the vibrancy of its students. Our logo includes all 6 colors from the primary and secondary palettes.

Light Green

PMS: 377C
CMYK: 58 22 100 4
RGB: 121 153 61
HEX: 79993D


PMS: 3258C
CMYK: 64 0 39 0
RGB: 73 192 175

Light Blue

PMS: 2915C
CMYK: 57 13 0 0
RGB: 97 180 228
HEX: 61B4E4


PMS: 158C
CMYK: 2 66 99 0
RGB: 237 118 35
HEX: ED7623

meant to be used with the Primary and Secondary colors.

Light Violet

PMS: 2593C
CMYK: 56 94 0 0
RGB: 135 50 153
HEX: 873299

Bright Green

PMS: 369C
CMYK: 67 12 100 0
RGB: 99 167 10
HEX: 63A70A

Forest Green

PMS: 364C
CMYK: 73 32 100 20
RGB: 74 118 40
HEX: 4A7628

Dark Teal

PMS: 3288C
CMYK: 100 23 73 9
RGB: 0 128 101
HEX: 008065

Dark Blue

PMS: 2935C
CMYK: 100 68 3 0
RGB: 0 85 184
HEX: 0055B8

Dark Orange

PMS: 167C
CMYK: 18 79 100 6
RGB: 194 83 26
HEX: C2531A

Logo Usage Examples

Our primary logo for most uses is the vertical 2-line arrangement.

sample logo

Do not add an outline, border or stroke to surround the logo.

bad example

Do not use a logo over a gradient, over busy photos, or "shadowed."

bad example

Solid backgrounds are preferred, especially using brand colors.

sample solid color logos

The logo cannot be used without the logotype.

bad example

The logotype cannot be used without the logo.

bad example

Do not stretch or distort the logo; keep the proper proportions.

bad example

Do not attempt to recreate the logo or logotype.

bad example

Any deviations from established uses must be approved in advance by the South Texas College Office of Public Relations and Marketing.

Logo Downloads

For use on college forms and documents:

Official black and white logo

For use with an email signature:

email signature logo

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