Official Business Card Stationery Orders

Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

  1. Please have your department's Administrative Assistant/Secretary complete stationery order.
  2. To process Business Card/Stationery orders:
    1. after submission, your Account Manager will receive confirmation and must forward approval via email to Elizabeth Cardoza, at
  3. Review the completed order form for accuracy before submitting.
  4. Some submitted information will be verified with STC Human Resources to ensure accuracy.
  5. No attachments will be accepted.
  6. No drafts will be provided to the requesting department.
  7. No personal e-mail accounts, home phone numbers, campus buildings, office locations or classroom numbers will be printed.
  8. Requests will be sent to either VP/Deans/Directors/FMs for approval or denial before orders are placed.

All information will be verified with the Office of Human Resources and corrected accordingly.

Business Cards (1 Box: 500 cards @ $20.65 /box)
Letterhead (1 ream: 500 sheets @ $33.50 /ream)
Envelopes (1 Box: 500 envelopes @ $69.50 /box)
Second Sheet (1 Ream: 500 sheets @ $11.50 /ream)





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