Google Search Engine

We Use the Google Mini

South Texas College selected the Google Mini after reviewing visitor search behavior and general user feedback. We found time and again Google was considered the standard our search tool was compared against. To our delight, Google now offers an affordable version of its enterprise edition--the Google Mini. Even in its mini form, Google delivers the majority of the power and accuracy that users have come to know and love. Some features you will encounter as you use the mini:

  • Speed up your search with Google's "Did you mean?" spelling suggestions
  • Search using synonyms with Google's popular "You could also try" feature
  • View large documents, like PDFs and PowerPoint presentations, as easy-to-read HTML text
  • Identify file formats (i.e. PDF, MS Excel, MS Word) before you click on a link
  • Use simple search strategies to find the most relevant documents
How Does the Google Mini Work?

Google Mini, like Google, is a Web crawler (also referred to as a spider) that indexes Web pages by following hyperlinks. South Texas College's Google Mini indexes the site each night, so you'll always have fresh search results in the morning. For pointers on how to unleash Google Mini's search power, visit

Why Do You Link to Cached Pages?

Cached results allow the user to see a short-term archive of a page or file. This feature is especially useful if the college site is unavailable. Because the Google Mini is housed on its own server (, cached pages will be available in the event the South Texas College Web site is not available. Bookmark this page to search cached pages.

What Happened to Keyword Search?

Keyword searches are still available but are now known as KeyMatch. The Google Mini's KeyMatch functionality allows us to push specific websites up to the top of the search results for specific search queries. To search via Keymatch, type in an existing keyword, such as wireless, into the search box and the coressponding website will appear at the top of the search results page.